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    Compliance software for pharmaceutical industry

    Anybody here works in a food or pharmaceutical industry? I just would like to ask what practices you have to make sure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Also, is there a software that could help us minimize the risks involved in any...
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    How to detect hackers?

    Hi. How do you detect if your network/website has been hacked? And what are effective ways to prevent these hackers from invading our network?
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    Question on Linux Issue

    One quick question for a Linux server. I am having an issue. I am unable to log in with a domain account. I want to know if there is free open source version of a Power Broker identity services? Are you familiar with it? Can this help me to give the access on my active directory Linux?
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    Manager of Supplier Quality Management

    My superior told me that I am going to get promoted soon as a Manager of Supplier Quality Management. I have 10 years of experience as an engineer and currently working as a direct team supervisor. However, despite of my achievements, I feel I am not comfortable with the offer. First, this is...
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    digital engagement plat form?

    I am an employee of a marketing firm. And I have found many books and read forums around the globe to be so advertising centric that in a way lose relevance. Currently, our marketing involves components beyond advertising such as PR and Word-of-Mouth. I would like to ask if you have heard about...
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    how do you handle risks?

    What is risk management and why implement it? Is it applicable to smaller and less complex organizations? Does implementation ensure the success of a business? I really need to hear your thoughts on these. Thanks!
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    Plastic money envelopes?

    Hello, I am looking for plastic money envelopes. I usually buy mine from a “no no” company. LOL They look durable but just keep getting ripped at the sides. Hope you can recommend a supplier. :)
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    Suggestions please..

    Hi, guys! Anyone here who works at home like me? How do you perform your company meeting? We do video conferencing for our meeting. We are using Skype, But lately some of us having an issue using it. What can software/application can you suggest? It should be compatible with any kinds of devices...
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    Risk Matrix?

    We have plans to put another branch of our convenience store business. This time our main goal is to really improve our data system. We want a tool that can help us manage and assess risk in any of our operational areas. With that, we heard about risk matrix and we are not familiar about it...
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    I'm a beginner !

    Great day guys! I would always love to learn new stuff in relation to business or entrepreneurship. I'm looking forward to a more profitable day with you! Best luck and enjoy!