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    Product categorisation in B2B industry

    Product categorisation & product availability in B2B industry How to categorise the product B2B industry also set the product availability level? Am working in fresh produce and Distribution Company. Company supply all kind of fresh produce, dairy, fruit & meat products to hotels or catering...
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    Demand Forecasting

    Could anyone advise on forecastig method sutible for fresh produce industry ? Eg : Moveing average , exponential or using seasonal /trend factor :confused:
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    BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG thanks to Starbucks and Toplink

    Hey guys, i would like to thank to TOPLINK for managinhg such a wonderfull discussion forum.. its giving exposure to all areas of supply chain with the current issues and soloution of different company and big thanks to STARBUCKS he help me in getting a case of starbucks which was really good...
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    Best examples of supply chains

    :)hello all,, could any one provide the some of the best example of supply chains of any comapny irrespective of industry,,, please exclude automotive sector, wallmart, Dell and top companies SCM which we discuss normaly... looking for some thing new.... thanks..
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    Best university

    Hello Buddies, can any one help me in searching a best universties ( around globe) to do MS in SCM...
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    serching a best university

    Hello all, hey buddies need a help in serching a best university ( anywhere around the Globe) for doing MS in SCM...