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  1. Alexandoy

    Connecting to industry players via social media

    It is not actually the sourcing of suppliers but that will come later if you have a direct connection with the big players in the industry. One example is the importation of steel that big time importers can be of help when it comes to your importation needs. Another example is the local...
  2. Alexandoy

    Double stacking pallets inside trucks

    The double deck trucks are designed for the stacking of the pallets that is based on the design. When a truck is not designed for high stacking of pallets then it can cause an accident especially when the truck is running over the speed limit. Even when turning, a truck with double stacking is...
  3. Alexandoy

    I am a project Manager Feeling bad for not being experience in logistic

    I agree that for a newcomer in the industry to be accepted, there needs to be an introduction. The easiest is to ask around for organizations or clubs related to the industry or maybe the chamber of commerce can help to know the big shots in the industry. That is the most proper way to get in.
  4. Alexandoy

    The guards from the security agency

    It is a common practice to outsource the security guards to spare the company from the expenses of training and other requirements like licenses. However, for big companies that need more than a hundred security guards, isn’t it an advantage to have its own security department? The training and...
  5. Alexandoy

    Tips and tricks for moving with your pets

    I think this is a good topic to discuss because it is noticeable that pet lovers are growing in numbers here. A friend whose family had migrated to Canada cannot follow suit because she cannot leave her dog in the Philippines. And maybe she can learn from this discussion the necessities when...
  6. Alexandoy

    Video - Where to Locate Your Warehouses?

    With the new law governing the cities that warehouses cannot occupy the main road anymore, the only choice left is to build the warehouse in the outskirts. But the advice is not the nearest to the city because there is also heavy traffic in those areas. A province perhaps that is an hour away...
  7. Alexandoy

    How to reduce IT costs and Increase Efficiency?

    Based on my experience, big companies are hiring technical consultants to help in determining if they need a new application or just to modify the existing application. It is costly to maintain an IT unit for development so most companies just buy the ready-made applications and tailor it to...
  8. Alexandoy

    Reorder Point formula

    I’m sorry if I cannot provide more information about SKU which I presume is the Stock Keeping Unit that determines the details of the product. That serial number can also be used in tracking the inventory so you would know if there is a need to reorder.
  9. Alexandoy

    The effect of bushfire in the logistics industry

    Maybe there are others here who are in a better position to answer this discussion about the effects of the raging bushfire in the supply chain and logistics industry. For sure there are products that are directly involved like the fire extinguishers or the products related to the forest like...
  10. Alexandoy

    Maintaining the price level

    It is not easy to maintain the price level especially when the price increase is high that profitability will be greatly affected. One company of a hardware product is giving old stocks with a discount which is a come on when there is a price increase in the market. But if the product is not a...
  11. Alexandoy

    Proper ventilation of the warehouse

    I guess the proper ventilation is more required by businesses dealing with edible products because the heat can sometimes affect the preservatives of canned goods that it can lead to spoilage. With the fabric of clothing products there’s also the risk of the spotting or staining that is related...
  12. Alexandoy

    Shortage of trucks

    If the truck shortage is predicted then the company can set an arrangement with a trucking company for renting the trucks during the shortage period. However, the reservation of the trucks for the tentative rental has to be paid so it is a risk on the part of the hiring company. But if there is...
  13. Alexandoy

    Online promotion

    My take on the online promotion is in a slow manner as to gauge the effectiveness of the online ads. I agree that the internet is taking over the traditional media but it is not the same with the supply chain and logistics businesses. There is a need to test the waters carefully before shifting...
  14. Alexandoy

    Personnel quarter

    I have seen one office with a personnel quarter where workers who work overtime can rest or even sleep on their off hours. That saves them the time spent in travel. One worker said that instead of going home on a weekday, he uses the 4 hours or travel time for working overtime. He earns more and...
  15. Alexandoy

    Replacing incompetent outsource

    I think one of the factors why outsourcing is getting popular is the ease of replacing undesirable workers. It is a known fact that workers have their downside and if it affects the productivity then it is only right to terminate the services and hire a new one. With outsourcing, all that is...
  16. Alexandoy

    Hiring the ace marketing guy of your competitor

    On the part of the company, there should be a thorough study because partly there is a flavor of ethics. Some businessmen are against hiring a rival because of the loyalty involved. When the competing marketing guy would transfer to your company then he could again transfer to your competitor in...
  17. Alexandoy

    The projected war in the Middle East

    In the news is the US airstrike that killed the top general of Iran. There is the clamor from the Iranian citizens to retaliate and the supreme leader had issued a statement of a revenge in military ways. The prices of crude oil instantly jumped up that surprised the world market. In our...
  18. Alexandoy

    Preventing strikes by the workers

    Usually the litigation of the labor case involves time and money so as much as possible, both sides of the bargaining table should be cordial. This can be done if the management has a good relation with the labor union. They say that some labor unions are controlled by activists but still there...
  19. Alexandoy

    Do you have any secrets that you're willing to share with us?

    What I can consider a secret is the trick that I used in the casino. That was a long time ago when my father taught me the doubling trick. Even in card games like black jack or baccarat, the doubling trick is effective unless you are hit by bad luck. Bet 100 and if you lose bet 200 and double...
  20. Alexandoy

    Best manufacturing business to start in UAE

    According to some friends who are residing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, technology is still the most profitable venture there especially with the phone. Customers of phones never wane since they buy new phones when they have the money even if their old phone is still working good. With tablets and...