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    Route Optimization and Right type of vehicle selection

    Your first post and you are 'promoting' something. Not cool..........:rolleyes:
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    Video - Supply Chain Strategy

    Nice approach.
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    The 8 Noble Truths of Customer Service

    Number 3 is very common in many companies!
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    What steps do I need to know in order to choose the right logistics in Dubai?

    You seem to be posting marketing links about Block Chain. Isn't that against the rules?
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    7 Supply Chain Sins to Avoid

    Re: 7 Supply Chain Sins to Avoid Good Tips. Thanks
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    Outsourced or Not?

    Hi, You often read articles that state Logistics Outsourcing is now adopted by up to 85% of organisations. So I'm curious to see what the results are here.....
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    Site Rebuild

    Re: Site Rebuild Great to have the site fixed!
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    Merits of Just In Time

    Re: J.i.t Re: J.i.t Certainly makes sense to me!
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    Lasting Values: What Every Professional Should Bring on the Job

    Re: Lasting Values: What Every Professional Should Bring on the Job Interesting read. Thanks.
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    master in supply chain

    Re: master in supply chain have a look at Cranfield in the UK. Has a very good reputation.
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    Global Hubs....Where?

    Re: Global Hubs....Where? Never really thought of Dubai as a good Hub location but you make a good point.
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    Organisation Structure

    Re: Organisation Structure Just came across a company where Supply Chain reports through to IT. That's a new one :)
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    Drivers Hours

    Re: Drivers Hours I wonder if there is a website that might list these?
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    Does CIPS really matter?

    Re: Does CIPS really matter? SJ, Been lurking :-)
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    Labour Scheduling

    Re: Labour Scheduling I am looking for something to use in retail grocery stores. What are the main systems in use by companies such ar Tesco, Walmart, Carrefour etc?