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  • Hey there Starbucks Junkie,

    Hope you're doing great.

    My major in college is Supply Chain and I was wondering if I can post my survey on the forums that I created on surveymonkey? I would really appreciate if you reply to this and maybe complete a survey yourself. Here's the link to the survey btw.


    I am alice, I have sent a email about my contact details to your business email.

    i tried to send you a PM but somehow i could not do so , its telling me i do not have the access rights to do so. Just wondering if there is anyway we could liaise real time ... is there a chat function in here?
    my name is kung, i read in forecasting system that you reply about forecast tool by excel, can you share to me, im just have demand planner in my team and i want to find some easy tool for make consensus forecast.

    Thank you
    I was reading an old post regarding Safety stock calculation and came across your post about sending you a PM if I am interested in the safety stock calculation template? Much appreciate if you could email the link to download the template. I am new to this forum and am overwhelmed finding so much of treasure of knowledge out here!! Thank You in advance!!
    Hi SJ,
    I must admit i am still naive enough to understand! Still i would like to pose one more query. Can this be implemented in a factory where the demand is highly variable and the supply chain is long...

    Ranish R
    HI SJ,
    Can you please tell me exactly what is meant by Lean supply chain management? I understand in parts but not sure about the whole concept....

    Ranish R
    Dear Starbucks Junkie,
    I have sent you an intro email to your email id.Please do look into it.I am expecting your reply on it.
    Thanking you,
    vigneshwaran sevugan
    You can't receieve any more PMs cos your box is full. It said you should try freeing up some space.

    I was just curious about TL, cos i have not seen him in recent times on here.

    Good then,

    Hello Starbuck,

    Hope you are doing well there. Recently I had couple of questions pop up in my mind where I am thinking what is the best technique to tackle it.

    There are:

    1) How to you ensure your product(s) will be delivered on time?

    2) How do you research and identify a new subcontractor/supplier?

    I have no idea what is the best/appropriate tools or techniques to tackle the above question.

    Lets give you an example. For project based, perhaps we can use business stage gate or Gantt chart.

    Would you mind to share a bit of your best known methodology of above question?

    Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    hi, I've received your message. I'm glad you are interested in exhibitions in China. I hope I could help you. that's my email.
    hi, i read that u have an excel simulation to calculate safety stock, would u please send it to me, in
    Hi SJ,
    I also tried to send you a PM but it said i did not have enough privileges. Was really keen in getting my hands on a copy of the safety stock calculation spreadsheet tool you mentioned in a post. Looking to be able to set up safety stock levels as well as ROP, but have some difficult deciding factors such as demand flactuates due to my business being in the hydraulics and mining equipment industry. Also all our stuff are imported from Europe so shipping time is considerably long. Would appreciate it if I could get a copy with an explanation on how to use it. my email is:

    Cheers SJ
    Hi not sure if you got my message with my e-mail, it is, this is regarding the stock sheet with the buffer calculation
    my e-mail address was not working so I am going to try and Thank you for the help
    Hi good day I read in post that you have an excel sheet for the calculation of safety stock is it possible I can get access to it for a project I am doing. thank you
    i am an chianese logistics forum admin,could you share your forecast tool by excel?
    maybe i can promote the forum on my site, if interesting about the idea.
    send email to:

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