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    The Chinese Yuan is downgraded to 7 per US dollar

    Good luck with anyone having a sensible talk to Trump. I stick with my post above yours, Trump will be played by China just like he's being played by North Korea, he'll lap up the attention and then get nothing but air miles for his trouble.
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    The Chinese Yuan is downgraded to 7 per US dollar

    I may be wrong (time will tell) but I think China will outlast the USA in any protracted trade war. The western consumer culture is built around immediate availability, whereas the Chinese are still moving from an era when goods were not immediately available (if at all) and haven't fully...
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    Finding an illegal item in the warehouse

    If there are robust checks in place at the point of receipt this will never happen - the process for checking goods (or the management of the checks) is clearly failing - if you need to check the warehouse for goods which shouldn't be there you have already lost the fight.
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    Drug and HIV test for applicants and employees

    Hi Corzhens I understand that, but unless they are in the habit of forcing other company employees to have unprotected sex in the workplace I can't see what this has to do with the employer. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work can have very severe consequences for other...
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    Drug and HIV test for applicants and employees

    Companies in the UK usually have a clause in the employment contracts allowing for random drug tests, but why would you test for HIV? I'm genuinely baffled.
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    The Chinese Yuan is downgraded to 7 per US dollar

    This is true, although won't it also make imported goods more expensive for the Chinese consumer?
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    Stocktake techniques

    Hi I imagine that my experience of scanners (although it was some time ago) is still valid - the scanner itself is a 'dumb' tool, it has no influence on how the information is presented and just acts as a medium between the WMS and the counter. It will present the counter with information...
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    Gender free toilet

    Absolutely agree with both of you, but the 'T' element of LGBT is probably where the bigger area of contention is; which toilet should a male who identifies as a female use, and vice-versa? Is it just a bit too simplistic to insist they use the toilet appropriate to their current genitals? It's...
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    What are the benefits of using garbage bins?

    Re: What are the benefits of using garbage bins? I would have thought that was fairly obvious Using garbage bin: Not using garbage bin: I believe the cows are optional
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    WH KPI Poll

    Re: WH KPI Poll Here's a link to a topic I started many moons ago: I still believe that cost per case / unit is a relatively valueless measure (reasons given in the...
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    Explain what is cross docking?

    Re: Explain what is cross docking? It's importance is directly linked to the business model of both the logistics company and the customer - in 30 years of warehouse management I've only felt the neeed to use it on a couple of occasions but I'm sure...
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    Any Time Study engineers out there?

    Hi Are there any Time Study engineers reading this? I have a question regarding the method for timing picking tasks and would appreciate the views of a professional. Many thanks in advance
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    Tracking inventories

    Re: Tracking inventories Hi You may need to give a little more information to get a reasonable suggestion - number of locations, number of items, do you use a warehouse Management System, if not what do you use etc?
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    Delivery cross the year

    Re: Delivery cross the year Hi Hamiza If I were in your position I would most likely ask whoever is in control of your company's Internal Controls how you can get around the issue - it's their rules after all. On first reading, however, the easiest suggestion I could make is to invoice your...
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    ISO 9001:2015 - thoughts?

    As per the title; we're currently 'in transition' from the 2008 standards to the new 2015 version, is anyone else going through this? What are your thoughts on the new standard? What problems are you facing / anticipating?