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    Demand Forecasting

    Re: Demand Forecasting Just following a exponential smoothing method, with info am getting form sales and other exp Colleagues
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    Product categorisation in B2B industry

    Product categorisation & product availability in B2B industry How to categorise the product B2B industry also set the product availability level? Am working in fresh produce and Distribution Company. Company supply all kind of fresh produce, dairy, fruit & meat products to hotels or catering...
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    Supermarket replenishment process guidelines

    Re: Supermarket replenishment process guidelines Hi Elriba, To your initial question , I would take below approach . divided the SKU based on below , * High cost + fast movers * High cost + medium Movers * High cost + slow movers * Low cost + fast mover * Low cost + medium Movers * Low cost...
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    Optimal safety stock

    Re: Optimal safety stock :eek:I guess and how i workout ROP is ROP = Demand in lead time + saftey stock Saftey stock = Variation of demand in lead time (SD) + lead time variation Again you can not meet 100% all the time we got to keep tollerance level or service level (alpha, as said...
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    Forecasting Best Practice Systems

    Re: Forecasting Best Practice Systems Do any one worked on Lawson Demand Plannig tool ? If yes, how is its performance.. Am getting training on this tool and i do not know fully to exploite the system , it would be great if i get to know some one who is using this system...:D
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    Demand Forecasting

    Could anyone advise on forecastig method sutible for fresh produce industry ? Eg : Moveing average , exponential or using seasonal /trend factor :confused:
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    A rare gem in career options

    Re: A rare gem in career options Thats a nice one, I agree with the reason " awareness " Well i got to know about the SC when i was doing thesis on 3PL concept in Indian business. From then I been trying to move in this feild. My thoughts, SC is a big ground, Certainly at least in my case...
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    Re-Order Point Issues

    Re: Re-Order Point Issues Hello Scott, Thanks for your mail.... 3 months back i came to UK... but still looking for job .... hope something will come up as the economy is picking up and getting interviews... so how is things with poundland...
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    Re-Order Point Issues

    Re: Re-Order Point Issues Hello, I hope you are following fixed point reorder system and have a diffculty to find " fixed point ". If the above problem is right then you have to find the demand in the suppliers lead time but finding the re-order point is totaly depend on your product and...
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    Question about supply and stock ordering

    Re: Question about supply and stock ordering Hello there, welcome on forum. thats good question however it lacks many main factors without that its really hard to find the order quantity ( economic order quantity) Firstly, need to know that cost factors such as holding cost of inventory...
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    Unit item Price calculation exercise

    Re: Unit item Price calculation exercise Activity Based costing (ABC)method can be used to find the cost of your supplier. to do this analysis one must have good knowledge of respective market. As of my understanding no supplier will provide this info , buyer have to do a research or there...
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    Article Competition ?

    Re: Article Competition ? one question.... "original work"!!!!!!!! how one can identify "copy of work"... coz one can easly do plagarisam and can not be identify . it was serious offence in my college and people have failed. our university has some software called "Turnitin" it will identfy...
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    Article Competition ?

    Re: Article Competition ? Excellent Idea.....
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    Good Luck - Deepak

    Re: Good Luck - Deepak LOL.......... part of it
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    Product Slotting

    Re: Product Slotting I go with the Top link, as one have to take account of storage system, trasporation system and picking trucks capacity. One have take a holistic approach of distribution center before making change in any single activity of warehouse.