Users Guide

Users Guide

Add a post

To start a new thread you *need* to have an account (click here to create one) and be logged in. Once logged in, open the forum you wish to post to and click the 'New Thread' button at the top left, just above the list of threads in this forum.

On the screen that opens enter your title in the first field and type your post in the big Message field. Optionally you can select a Post Icon from the list below the Message field. Click the 'Submit new thread' button at the bottom of the page to add your post to the board.

Adding a poll to your post

Start a post as described above and select the tickbox before "Yes, post a poll with this thread" towards the bottom of the page in the 'Additional Options' section. Enter the number of questions and click the 'Submit new thread' button.

On the next screen enter your question, enter the choices and click the 'Submit new Poll' button.

Adding pictures to your post

To do so start a new post or reply to one and on the screen where you enter your post click the 'Image' link (an icon that looks like a picture of a mountain against a yellow background) when you wish to insert a photo.

This will popup a small window in which you need to enter a URL to the photo. The photo *needs* to be located online and cannot be called from your own computer.

If you have a photo on your own computer you wish to use you therefore have to upload it to the Internet first. You can upload it to a photo gallery (for instance Photobucket).

Ignoring a user

If for some reason you prefer not to read any of the posts from a certain user, you can ignore him or her. Instead of the content of the posts you will then get shown ' This message is hidden because [username] is on your ignore list.'

To add a person to your ignore list, click on the user's name and select 'View public profile' from the drop down menu. At the bottom of the top section is the option to 'Add [username] to Your Ignore List'. Click this and you will be asked to confirm. To remove a user from your ignore list, repeat these steps (the link will now read 'Remove [username] from your Ignore List').

Your User Panel

Clicking the User CP link found in the menu at the top of the page will take you to your My Home section. In this section you can check your Private Messages, as well as changing many personal profile and display preferences.

  • Change your settings - Click the "Edit Options" link, located in the 'Settings & Options' section of the menu. On the page that appears you can change several settings related to Login & Privacy, Messaging & Notification, Thread Display Options and Date & Time Options. Confirm your settings by clicking the 'Save Changes' button.

  • Add an avatar - Click the "Edit Avatar" link, located in the 'Settings & Options' section of the menu. On the page that appears select the 'Use Custom Avatar' option and 'Enter Avatar URL:' if your picture is already online, or 'Upload an Avatar From Your Computer:' by clicking the browse button to select a picture which is located on your own computer. Click the 'Save Changes' button to confirm.

Quick Reply

To use the Quick Reply (located at the bottom of each thread) click on the small button to the right of the Quote button (these as well as the Reply button are all at the bottom right of each post). This 'opens up' the Quick Reply box and allows you to type in your reply. Once finished, hit the 'Post Quick Reply' button to add your reply to the thread.