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Thread: Alibaba Vs Aliexpress

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    Default Alibaba Vs Aliexpress

    Alibaba and Aliexpress are similar kind of online store where we can find all kinds of goods, from clothing to electronic and machinery. Both of these companies are China based and operated by the same company. Alibaba mostly specializes in bulk purchase where as Aliexpress specializes in single purchage. I am thinking to procure from China, what do yiu suggest?

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    Default Re: Alibaba Vs Aliexpress

    Both of them are under single umbrella company. So in terms of that part nothing changes. But the sellers on Aliexpress and Alibaba are different. You can see that Aliexpress has some good sellers. And they are being vetted for quality and price. You may have to see that Alibaba on the other hand may not be good enough on many points. I have learned that Aliexpress requires a lot of efforts in order to establish. I don't think it's always possible to find good seller over there.

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    Default Re: Alibaba Vs Aliexpress

    I would probably go with Alieexpress. I have seen where the Chinese Government had sought to sanction Alibaba because the Government thought that Alibaba was not doing enough to monitor the sellers under its umbrella in order ensure that some of them had adhered to proper trading practices. I don't know if that issue has been totally resolved as yet. I don't know if Aliexpress have ever had that problem but I have never heard of them being in a situation to be sanctioned.


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