Well, you shouldn’t be too surprised here; the Nokia 6 is a good-looking phone. Being a mid-range device, you won’t find a bezel-less design here, but a much classier look than most in this category. The 6 sports a precision-milled aluminum body melded with sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass. It’s actually quite reminiscent of past Windows phones, in that it blends the trademark boxy form factor with modern elements, such as the metal body, shiny chamfered aluminum edges, and of course, a thinner profile. In all black, the phone carries quite a classy and professional air about it that will make corporate BlackBerry and iPhone loyalists look twice.
The face is clean; sensors are all hidden away, with the earpiece, selfie cam, fingerprint sensor, and haptic buttons being the only interruptions in the all black face. Oh, and of course, in the top right corner is the hardly visible, classic Nokia branding, in case you forgot. Turning the device over, you’ll see flashes of light sheening on the polished edges, and on the right side of the phone the power/lockscreen button with the volume rocker above it – both constructed of black metal with silver accents, like the phone itself. Placement is good, and the buttons are clicky on the metal frame, as well as being easy to get to when holding the phone with one hand. Finally, on the back you’re greeted with one more silver accent, which borders the oblong camera bump. The bump is slight, but of course, any bump at all will have the device resting on it when placed on a flat surface.

Nokia promises the 6 to be “life-proof,” and although we know it doesn’t mean literally, or even close to the level of the so-named protective cases, you would expect at least some level of splash resistance. And you would be wrong. We know it’s been a while since Nokia’s produced its own phones, but these days you can’t even begin to make the claim of “life-proof” without even broaching a level of waterproof. We certainly hope a miss like this isn’t made in their upcoming flagship, or even the second generation of the Nokia 6, if there is one.