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    I recently graduated with campus. I had hopes of getting formal employment once I completed my studies. However, things have been a bit hard especially because many companies insist on 5-10 years experience. I am left wondering why they put such harsh conditions. Others even go to the extent of saying they need people with 15 years experience. I completed my studies at 24, meaning if I were to add another 15 years, it would mean that I am likely to get employed at 35. That is bad. I think that companies should not necessarily look at experience. They should hire fast learners who can grasp the rules of the job and do it well.

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    It is worth applying anyway. Much of the time, 'the five years experience' thing is added by HR. We had one case with a job we were offering where we had no applicants and then found HR had added a requirement of 5 years experience in the software used. The software had only been available for three years, so the requirement was impossible to fulfil.


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