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Thread: Additional retirement benefits

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    Default Additional retirement benefits

    Employees of some big companies are lucky to have additional retirement benefits aside from the expected retirement pay that is comensurate to the number of years of tenure in the company. Some companies give shares of stocks to their retiring employees as a reward for their long stay. Some others are giving preference in hiring the children of the retiring employees. Is your company in the same league? What other benefits have you heard as additions to the retirement pay?

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    Default Re: Additional retirement benefits

    In my country, these additional benefits were one a regular feature of the employment landscape. Nowadays, many of these opportunities have been gradually diminishing because many of the large firms do not directly employ workers anymore. The workers are now been contracted through a third party on a contractual basis on a 6-month renewal basis, which makes them ineligible for permanent status and they are not afforded any type of fringe or special benefits. I often wonder if there is nothing that the government can do to stamp out this practice.

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    I think the idea of ​​this additional benefit is simply wonderful. It's an incredible way to value those professionals who have dedicated themselves so much to their professional lives. Unfortunately, here in my country this doesn't exist yet... But, who knows everything doesn't change, right?


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