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Thread: Mining is strictly inspected by DENR

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    Default Mining is strictly inspected by DENR

    The Philippines department of environment and natural resources had inspected the mining areas and had suspended 23 mining companies. The violations are mostly the harzards to the environment with the mess of mining refuse and waste. With the suspension, it is anticipated that there will be labor problems for the thousands of workers in the mine fields that were closed.

    As a retaliation, the mining companies launched a lobby campaign that ousted the DENR secretary, Gina Lopez. It's really sad that business is always a priority over the environment.

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    Default Re: Mining is strictly inspected by DENR

    In the US, there is a similar problem with fracking. Note, the oil industry there probably causes water contamination and of course, there is the Standing Rock controversy. Anyway, I think big oil and mining will probably get their way because many people value good paying jobs over saving the planet.

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    Default Re: Mining is strictly inspected by DENR

    This is sad. I guess desperate people take desperate measures so they would rather take the risk of losing their life over a day's worth of food. I've watched a lot of documentaries about the state of mining in Philippines and it's sad that a lot of workers end up being buried alive there. The conditions they mine on is just terrible too, with underage minors diving into dirt using nothing but a snorkel.


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