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Thread: Handling an AWOL employee

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    Default Handling an AWOL employee

    AWOL means absence without official leave. It happens when an employee doesn't report for work without informing the office about it. Particularly if the AWOL is for one week already, that is somewhat alarming for the boss. It is advised that employees on AWOL for 2 days should require an investigation. It's not really bring too strict but just to send a message to all employees that AWOL is not a decent act. In our office, an employee who is AWOL for 1 week can be terminated.

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    Default Re: Handling an AWOL employee

    In some businesses, it's not only alarming - but it can crush a business. I mean, sometimes there is no replacement for a worker either for the short and/or long term. In that case, product production can slip leading to lost profits and in other situations, like say private school teaching, a missing employee can mean quitting students.

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    My boss at the office does not tolerate the issue of a worker going AWOL from work no matter the circumstances that may bring it about. During our monthly meetings, he would always warn everyone not to try such an ugly behaviour of irresponsibility no matter the issue that might have brought it about citing that he does not deny permissions once they are geniune, so not coming for work for any reason without his permission attracts a straight suspension and even sack in some cases.

    One of the staff in our firm was sacked once upon a time simply because he did not inform anyone that he won't be coming for work and ended up spending two days without coming to work. When he returned, our boss had already prepared his sack letter and was waiting for him, so once he reached to him, the boss handed the letter to him. Honestly, I learnt from that situation to take my work seriously and since then, I have improved at my work place.


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