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Thread: When superior is not respected

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelaMc View Post
    I think everyone should respect their superior at work. There has to be a chain of command put into place, at every job, or there would be complete chaos in the workforce. On the other hand sometimes people in superior positions go on power trips and that in my opinion doesn't turn out well.
    Yes there should be orderliness at the place of work. A junior worker who is not loyal to seniors or even members at top management level should be made to understand the essence of cooperation and submissiveness at place for during the work. If they aren't improving on the character then I think such persons can be fired to save the company's reputation.

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    I this problem is familiar to many in the military. A lot of people, for instance, resent 2nd lieutenants. For instance, a lot of enlisted men had spent years in the field and dislike the know-it-all bossy attitude they think they get from 2nd lieutenants who are these college educated types they have to salute.

    Anyhow, I don't really know the solution to this problem other than perhaps asking the 2nd lieutenant or something similar in another field to behave with more humility.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandoy View Post
    There was a time when one supervisor complained that he is not being respected by his subordinate. I know that the subordinate is a rich guy and acts like a spoiled brat that'svwhy I already had an idea what the problem is all about. My advice was for the superior to act superior. I had seen that his subordinate was trying to bully him. The superior should stand up and not be stymied by that rich subordinate.

    What can you advise?
    This situation, though, is a bit different. Note, teachers have to encounter this stuff, and it can be a challenge, especially for rookie ones. I'm assuming the rich ones are going to be know-it-alls, mocking everything, because their rich status has made it difficult for them to learn about humility.

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    I think the act of being disrespectful to the superior by any staff should not be condoned at the place of work not only because that is a way to show that the superior is worth nothing, but it is also an avenue of showing other staff to start disobeying the orders of the superior. So, I think there is need for the superior to act in a way of suspending any subordinate that fails to follow the rules of the firm in any way so that others will learn from it that it is not right to disrecpect the boss at the office.


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