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Thread: Gender specific position

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    I do not think it is right to have gender specification for various posts in a company. This is because it breeds cases of having square pegs in round holes in some cases as a result of handing managerial positions to those men who are not that qualified while the women who are qualified are left out of the equation. This is the reason I enjoy where I work for my boss does not mind whether you're a male/female while handing managerial positions as long as you can perform the duties quite well.

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    I was talking to an owner of a beauty parlor the other day. I was surprised to learn that she is looking for a gay beautician. Not a female but a male gay beautician because aside from being good in the trade, the gay beautician commands respect from the customers. It's not really being sexist but it is clear that hiring a gay beautician is a business strategy. In department stores, I have noticed the sales clerks are usually female especially in the section for women's clothing. And that is understandable as well.


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