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Thread: Do You Travel To Get Your Supplies?

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    My former employer traveled overseas often to buy supplies. Since he got supplies from the same companies all the time, it would have easier for him to order via telephone but he just couldn't do that because over the phone it was harder to get the discounts he wanted but if he was out there demanding for a discount then he most often got them so the money he spent was well used.

    That said, if one can have supplies delivered to them at the same price they'd get if they traveled somewhere then they should choose the option that doesn't involve any traveling.

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    Default Re: Do You Travel To Get Your Supplies?

    I have some associates who have a business of buying goods in the province and bringing them to the city. One of them is an abaca trader. He rents a truck to purchase abaca products like ropes, clothing materials and some other products like living room displays made of abaca and coconut.

    The trip to the province is about 10 hours. But the mark up on the items makes it worth the long trip. They bring the goods to big boutiques mostly in malls.

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