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Thread: Franchising vs Starting on Your Own

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    Location is often one of the deciding factors when a franchise looks at a proposal. there's no point in asking for a franchise to open a McDonald's for example if there isn't going to be any passing trade or if there's already a lot of competition in that area. that's why I think anytime you see a McDonald's, you will also see a KFC and a subway in close proximity and that way people can then choose what foods they want, and they are all slightly different. There isn't going to be a lot of competition between the three as they tend to serve different foods to each other and you'll find that the owner of one franchise is more than likely also the owner of the others as well. That way they will have a monopoly on that sector, but without actually breaking any specific rules.

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    There are various pros and cons to both of these business concepts. Franchising for one requires no initial marketing on your part since it is already an establish brand. Hence, you can immediately start running your business though it is considered a new establishment for you. As for your own startup, you need to create a recognised brand before pursuing further. However, you can market it in whichever way you want to and sell any products and services that you want to without the need to follow preset guidelines.

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