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Thread: Centralized warehouse vs small warehouses

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    I believe in decentralization as long as it's feasible. In my country, I am seeing this practice gradually gaining momentum. Time is a precious commodity as it relates to business transactions. The need to be able to be ahead of the competition in the delivery is a very important consideration when dealing with goods and services. Therefore, these small locations which may be many miles from the main warehouse could be a strategic advantage because there could be less transportation and logistics downtime.

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    I sell tires. I procure my goods from a country distributor. He has warehouses in different cities. I procure tires from the warehouse near me. Another person who has the same business will procure from the warehouse near him. This will reduce our shipping cost. If the distributor had a centralized warehouse, we would be paying more for shipping. Shipping time is another benefit, if the supply chain has warehouses in various places, shipping time will be reduced.

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