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Take for instance the laundry detergent. I was surprised that Tide has some other brands which has only 1 manufacturer. Likewise with Ariel. So it is just like the soft drinks where Coke have their Sprite and Royal True Orange while Pepsi have the 7-Up and Mountain Dew. Maybe the variety is provided to fool the consumers in having different brands but in effect those products are competing by themselves for a win-win marketing approach.
This one surprised me as well when I found out. Turns out there are probably just one or two companies manufacturing all these products and all the competing brands eventually funnel into the same company. This is also true for some restaurants as well as I know that the top brands for barbecue that sell similar products are all owned by the same company as well and the same goes for condiments too, as from what I've heard all ketchup brands are also pretty much owned by the same company or the same few ones.