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  • Online customer care service vs Face to Face customer care service?

    The importance of customer care service to any business organizations or a company can never be said to be overemphasized because it's it's vital to the very existence of the company or enterprise. Customers are the main reason why any business is created in the first place, so having their needs being...
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  • Are customers always right?

    Buying and selling is always crowned with the quote that "Customers are always right" and as such, they should be always treated well in order to have their loyalty and continued patronization of the company's products and services.

    Now, when it's obvious that the customer is...
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  • Keep inventory for customer

    Hey folks,

    I would like to set up an agreement/supply chain program for key customers that is about having extra inventory to ensure availability while getting forecast information in return. Easy said, the customer says what is approx. annual demand for product X is and we agree on keeping...
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  • Is Six Sigma really effective in service sector?

    We run a Six Sigma Certification program covering 100% employees and it was mandatory for everybody to succeed in the process. Those who failed have to go through the process again. It was also a part of our annual appraisal parameters.

    I think the major task was to break the business...
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  • The Option of Drop Shipping

    The business of e-commerce has steadily increased through the years. I notice that more and more businesses are now utilizing the option of drop shipping directly from warehouse to customers without having to deal with a middleman who owns a brick and mortar store. I think this is a good way of providing...
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  • What Do You Look For In A Supplier?

    I believe that one of the factors that make businesses successful is the quality of supplies they get from their suppliers. If you have good quality products to sell, you will gain more customers in time. Finding the right supplier who offers high quality products at reasonable prices is a must to be...
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  • gracer
    started a topic Consignment Deals

    Consignment Deals

    In my experience, credit is a part of business an entrepreneur cannot avoid and must learn to deal with. It is part of developing a relationship of trust with your customers and vice versa. In my case for instance, most of our suppliers offer consignment deals with a promise on my part to pay what is...
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  • gracer
    started a topic Delay of Delivery

    Delay of Delivery

    There are many factors in the delay of delivery from supplier to customer. We also sometimes experience this when our supplier's truck gets damaged along the way. In one local news report I have watched before, delivery trucks were stranded for days near a port due to the heavy influx of ship passengers....
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  • Being managerial and polite

    It is possible I know that because I was always polite to staff and to customers, but I got some seriously rude customers and being polite was always pushed to the limit with them. I only ever removed one person from my store because he was making homophobic remarks to a member of my staff.
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