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Before posting questions to the message board, it is also recommended to browse through the old discussions or use the search option (see below) to see if your question has already been answered before.

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Topics and Rules of the board

This board deals with the broad topic of Supply Chain Management.

Some of the topics that are NOT allowed on this board (and will result in instant deletion of the thread and possible banning of the poster) are below, along with the ten Board Rules that all posts here will be moderated by:

  • Taboo Topics. Politics and Religion. Users of this board come from a wide range of countries, culture and backgrounds. Personal opinions on these topics, as in any meeting of strangers, are best left alone, and have no place on this board.

  • Racism/Bigotry; racists and bigots are NOT welcome here, and derogatory remarks on someones race, gender and the like will result in you getting banned.

  • Advertising; if you want to advertise, contact us at to sponsor a forum or rent some banner space.

    On a related note to advertising, it is not allowed to post URLs to your own website, unless it is in answer to a specific question. Posting URLs in message signatures is also prohibited.

    Openly promoting specific products and services is not allowed. Discussion of the merits of certain products and services is allowed within the bounds of common sense. Any posts that contain overly derogatory remarks or slanderous comment will be deleted.

  • Flaming; Flaming is NOT tolerated! It is an absolute certain way of getting banned from the board.

    Definition of flaming; An abusive or personally insulting message. This includes insulting or inflaming remarks concerning the character, or personality, of another poster. It also includes innuendos, snide remarks, and any overtly negative connotations towards a fellow board member.

    You can disagree with a posters message, but an attack personally on the poster him/herself will result in a deleted or edited post and/or banishment from the board, depending on severity of offense. There are very likely posters on this board with different beliefs than your own. Please respect those beliefs, even if you don't agree with them.

  • Privacy; Posting information which could lead to the identification of individuals is forbidden. There are a number of reasons for this, and this rule will be very strictly enforced, so do remember this when composing your posts.

    On a related note, people are considered to be innocent until proven guilty. The word of one poster is not, and never should be, enough to start a witch hunt. This board will NOT be used to seek revenge.

  • Trolls; Trolls will NOT be tolerated.

    Definition of a troll; A troll is someone who starts a thread, or makes a post, in the hope that it will incite an explosive response from its readers. Often a troll will post untrue information to accomplish his/her goal of disrupting the board.

  • Language; The language on this board is English and posts in other languages are not allowed. The reasons for this are that we are sharing information, and people could easily be left out because they can't understand the language it is written in. Furthermore, moderating something you can't understand is impossible, so we err on the safe side and delete the post.

Moderator decisions

The Board Moderator's decision is final. It is not to be questioned openly on the board. If you have issues concerning validity of the moderator's actions, then feel free to PM the Board Moderator or the Top Link with your concerns. Failure to immediately comply with the Board Moderator's request could result in your termination from this board.

The Board Moderator may be easily contacted by clicking on the far-right 'Notify Board Moderator' icon that exists at the bottom of every post's Post Extras section.

In the event you do not receive adequite resolution to your complaint, through the Board Moderators, you should then, as a final resort, free to contact the board administrator, at


In order to try to keep some kind of structure to the board, several categories were set up. Please post in the appropriate category whenever possible. Some posts have a cross-over that may make it appropriate for various forums. In these cases the moderators will have the right to move the post where we think it 'most' appropriate.

The different forums are moderated by the Board Moderators. Often there are written forum specific FAQs, or Readmes, which can be found at the top of the threads-listing for said forum. These Readmes will also be used to mention any current information and any forum or board changes.

  • SC Management & Planning
    • Supply Chain Strategy
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Sales and Operations Planning
    • Network design/optimisation
    • Performance & Benchmarking
    • Outsourcing
    • Contracts
    • ABC and Cost to Serve
    • Customer Service
    • Supply Chain Execution / Implementation
  • Transport
    • Management / KPIs
    • Suppliers
    • Vehicles
  • Systems
    • APS
    • TMS
    • WMS
    • CTS
    • Others
  • Regulatory - Legal
    • Customs
    • Taxes
  • Warehousing
    • Management / KPIs
    • Facility Design/Layout
    • Equipment
    • Processes
    • Unit Loads
  • Procurement / Purchasing
    • Management / KPIs
    • Purchasing
    • Procurement
    • Inventory Management
  • Human Resources
    • Management / KPIs
    • Training
    • Recruitment
  • The Bar
    • General discussion
    • Tall Stories

Polls can be started in any of the forums and everybody is allowed to create them. Just make sure that the forum you are starting the poll in is the most suitable place for this poll. And of course all the general rules apply to polls as well.

Search option

Some the questions that you wish to post, may already have been answered. So, in order to keep the amount of posts down, as well as keeping posters from having to repeat themselves, it is recommended that you do a search first, before posting your question.

The search feature can be accessed by clicking the link 'Search' located in the menu towards the top of every screen of the message board.


Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, we will assume that we can use any information posted on the board in other areas of the website. You remain the owner of all content you create but you grant to us a license to use it in other forms, without compensation, unless you tell us differently.


Please don't be overwhelmed by the 'rules' of this board, see it as a pub, behave yourself, act politely and you will make friends, act like an asshole and the management will throw you out.