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old mattress issue

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  • old mattress issue

    Should I replace a 16 year old mattress even though nothing is wrong with it?

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    Re: old mattress issue

    There are dustbins in it, sweat and other small particles from hair, skin, etc. of our bodies in mattresses. A mattress should therefore be changed ideally every 3-5 years for hygienic reasons. Make sure you keep turning it over regularly and have the underside of the bed well ventilated!
    And while we're at it, you should also have also salt lamp in the bedroom (or also no room for that matter, but especially the bedroom), because it charges the room atmosphere with negative ions which are beneficial (scientifically proven) in a great number of ways.
    Look trough this review and find a new mattress

    Hope you'll have a very restful and peaceful sleep.