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Mass loading and offloading

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  • Mass loading and offloading

    One thing that fascinates me about warehouse operations is how products are mass loaded and offloaded by laborers. Having worked in the field for at least 4-5 years, I have witnessed full loaded containers emptied with the space of 1 to 2 hours. As much technology with the use of machines makes it easier to do some works at the warehouse but it would be good to appreciate the effort of human labor because it's been amazing.

    What fascinates you in warehouse operations?

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    In the olden times everything that was delivered would be handled by hands which means laborers have to carry everything down from the truck and onto the warehouse racks. But now there are the reliable forklift that could carry heavy items and give the workers a respite from the hard work. A friend said that some warehouses in the US have conveyor belts that help in moving the products from the warehouse entrance to the storage.


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      Technology has brought wonderful perks with it when it comes to making life easier and simpler for laborers. It has done a great job in cutting down cost of hiring many laborers to some one job. It also cuts down the number of products that damage at the hands of laborers as a result of human errors. Humans are more likely to commit errors than machines and it's why lots of machines are incorporated into businesses now.


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        I think the loading and offloading of cargo will be handled by forklift operators who are used to the job. However, there are products that couldn’t be carried by forklift like cars and vehicles which needs a special crane for the loading and offloading. But whatever device or tool that they use, it is imperative that laborers would be there for the work.


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          With all the good things that technology has offered to any industry it's applicable, it can never fully remove the importance and impact of the human labor. There tools or machines cannot run and maintain themselves, they all require human assistance in efficient and effective use of them to carry out any task.