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Warehouses in swamp regions

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  • Warehouses in swamp regions

    Some businesses suffer inevitable loss as a result of where their warehouse is located and forces that exist in such environment. For businesses that have its warehouse in swamp regions, they always face imminent flooding and which destroys lots of products when such water manages of enter the warehouse. There was a warehouse I witnessed how millions of products were wasted as a result of flood as almost 70% of items in the warehouse was carried away, the sight looks horrible.

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    Over here building construction companies are aware of the potential flooding so the take a survey of the area regarding issues of flooding. But I know of some suburban districts that are prone to flooding and yet commercial establishments are still growing in number.


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      True, for the fact that such areas are prone to constant flooding, does not mean people or businesses are discouraged from setting up new branches in such environment. It's more or less such investors seeing the greater possibility of making profits before the flood occurs and as a result of having made great profits would be able to regenerate the business back to life again after suffering losses from the flooding.