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Common warehouse hazards

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  • Common warehouse hazards

    One thing that is associated with all warehouse is the existence of one hazards or more. Most times, it can never be fully prevented no matter how hard the inspection team tries to do so in order to prevent accident that might result to injuries or possibly loss of lives. Few days ago, I stumbled upon one news on social media where gas cylinders stacked up in a warehouse fell and injured the store keeper. The information on ground says he's still in coma at the moment, but hopefully he will regain consciousness soon.

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    This reminds me of the time that I was in charge of the office warehouse. In one meeting that I detailed the minor problems involving the warehouse, my boss asked if we needed an efficiency engineer to speed up the work. But the issue was actually not the efficient workers but the bad design of the warehouse. Until now those issues remain unresolved because no one seems to have the heart to fix things.


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      If the constraints are from the warehouse structure or layout, it actually means that it would take a full over work to get the problem fixed and not just something anyone can wake up one day and start doing immediately. Warehouse design is something that should be taken seriously because it will affect the general performance of works done at the warehouse.


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        I think the most common hazard in a warehouse is the probability of fire. News reports always have the burned warehouse and not much of the burglary or other hazards. But it also depends on the kind of products that inhabit the warehouse. When flammable materials are there then there should be more safety precautions.


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          The more reason why such precautions are very important especially when fire hazard is likely to occur is because it's very difficult to salvage anything meaningful from a warehouse that's set ablaze by fire. Fire accident is the worst accident of them and everything humanly possible should be done in order to prevent such from happening.