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Proper design of doors and exit ways

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  • Proper design of doors and exit ways

    Have you been to a warehouse with a narrow entry way? I was surprised to enter a warehouse of computer supplies with that design for the entry and exit points. When I asked about it, the response was the warehouse rental is cheap so they took it and have a plan to revise the doors. Maybe it was previously used for storing small items. Nevertheless a warehouse should have a fire exit and wider entry ways.

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    The improper architecture of the warehouse is most often caused by not having a real architect in creating the design. I happen to see a small accommodation of an inn with a cramped bathroom cum toilet. The owner said that they just imitated the bathroom design of one condominium and they did the entire design by themselves. There are warehouses built like that where the owners themselves do the design and sometimes even the construction. Over here, the building permit from the local government can easily be bypassed because there is no real inspection.