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Digital Electronic key lock or Manual key lock for warehouse?

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  • Digital Electronic key lock or Manual key lock for warehouse?

    It's very obvious that we are in era of technological dominance as we relive almost all we use to have in manual formwork or format being updated or upgraded to digital technology mode. From the on set, what we were used to when it comes to key and locks are the old orthodox manual key and lock but currently, we are witnessing the dawn of technology in the kind of digitalized key and locks used for warehouse lockup. Having used both, which one would be considered to be the best when it comes fully having the warehouse well locked?

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    I guess the electronic key lock is now being used by big warehouses because that type of door lock is more effective when it comes to security. In my former office, a digital scanner was installed to provide entry only to authorized people. The key is the thumb mark that will be placed on the scanner. There is also a columbarium where the door lock is using the biometrics for entry of the people. For a warehouse the electronic door lock with a complementary CCTV camera is one of the best for security.


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      I thought as much because when state of the art technology is used for security purposes, it's almost impossible to breach it unless with an inside information from the security team or one of the authorized key personnel in the company. Old keys can easily be reprinted and used to unlock the warehouse as long as one can get a hand on the initial mother key, this is actually why most warehouses are now upgrading to the use of digital technology key locks to safeguard their warehouse.


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        Indeed the digital key lock is the state of the art for the security but you have to take note that there is a technical problem in using that. When we went to renew our passports, I was surprised that the foreign affairs office started using the biometrics where the fingerprints are taken by a scanner. The IT officer had a hard time taking the print of my fingers because of my sweaty palms. I donít know if the scanner was not good enough or maybe my sweaty palms should be exempted from that kind of door lock.


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          The truth of the matter is that there is no technology upgrade in the world today that doesn't have its own unique flaws but the most important thing it how far does its advantages or positive aspects stretches far from its downside. As long as the positive impact of the new technology outweigh its disadvantages, it's completely rational to accept it and move on. Talking about biometrics scanning machine, a lot of variables might be the reason why it fails to capture fingerprints, issues like factory faulty, damaged finger palms, wet fingers and so on. We experienced it a lot during our recently concluded presidential election with accreditation of voters.