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Using biometrics for the door lock

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  • Using biometrics for the door lock

    It is not really an ordinary door but the main entrance to the warehouse. As part the security, using the biometrics system of door lock will lessen the chances of unauthorized entry. In one warehouse near our former office, they were using the thumb for the identification. No need for cards to insert. Just the thumb on the scanner and the door will open if you are registered. I think that is a good improvement for warehouse security.

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    Indeed automation is the name of the game now and one is the biometrics which can use the finger print or the iris of the eye for recognition of authority to enter. There’s also one door lock that uses face recognition although they say that it is not as effective as the iris or finger print. Using the manual key lock is a hassle and people want all the convenience that technology can offer so I guess it is imperative for a big company to have the biometrics for the door lock.