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Having trusted night guards in the warehouse

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  • Having trusted night guards in the warehouse

    I remember having a friend who was assigned as a stay-in manager of a big warehouse. He has some staff that work in shifts but he had a room for himself inside the warehouse that was also his home. In one casual chat, he intimated that he didnít trust the security guards because there seems to be a collusion with some of the staff. That gives me the notion of the security guard issue. How could you hire a security guard that you can trust?

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    A night guard for the warehouse should always be trustworthy because he can be in cahoots with criminals to make it appear that it was a holdup although it was not really. There were such cases before that one warehouse was totally wiped out of its hardware materials. Another warehouse lost thousands of sacks of rice only to find out that it was the night guard that was doing the thievery. But I guess the CCTV can deter those kind of incidents because the would-be inside job will be discouraged.