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Coping with unstable electricity in a warehouse facility

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  • Coping with unstable electricity in a warehouse facility

    One of the most important necessities that should be available and constant in a warehouse facility is adequate and stable electricity. This would help with keeping the installed CCTV up and running 24/7 as well as the electric fan being active all through the night in order to prevent intruders. But it's very obvious that in some countries, there are serious cases of inadequate electricity which results in mass dependence on the use of generators. Using generator to power electricity at the warehouse 24/7 will be very expensive for the company which is why the use of solar panels to use and generate electricity seems to be the best solution for solving electricity problems.

    How else do you think coping with inadequate electricity should be taken care of in a warehouse facility?

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    This topic is very timely because our country is once again experiencing low supply of electricity. Just the other night there was a power outage here from midnight up to 4 am and Id say it was punishing because of the summer heat. Regarding the warehouse security, Id say that there should be emergency lighting and probably a stand-by generator set for the benefit of the cctv system. It is a common idea here that during power outage at night thats the best time for thieves to attack.


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      This reminds me of one project that I handled where the location was in the rural area. The local technician said that the electric current in the locality was always below standard that sometimes it flickers so a generator was being suggested. When we did some tests on the electric current, the advice was correct because that kind of intermittent downtime and fluctuating voltage can ruin the devices and appliances that we are going to use. However, a generator set is not cheap to rent but there is no choice for us.