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Shared warehouse for SMEs

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  • Shared warehouse for SMEs

    It may be surprising to some of the members here to learn that there are some companies that share warehouses particularly in the urban area. Rental of warehouse is expensive and to save on cost some small companies would go on a sharing scheme of the rented warehouse. But I see so many underlying problems with the sharing of the warehouse particularly the priority and also the conflict in space usage. What do you think are other issues revolving around a shared warehouse?

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    Cost is actually the main reason for such decision by some companies. It would be easier to share the cost burden together between the two companies sharing the warehouse than go at it all alone. But where the problem is in such situation is in the allocation of space to stack products. A lot of thing can go wrong if both parties don't trust themselves and one of companies having more to pack would definitely affect the other company's business operations as well. This is not really a good idea in my opinion.