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Zoning issues for new warehouse

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  • Zoning issues for new warehouse

    In Metro Manila one of the issues concerning supply chain companies is the zoning that a warehouse should be situated only in industrial zones. Take note that some warehouses (I think it is not just some but a lot of old warehouses) are located in residential zones which should be illegal but are still operating. For a company that is direly in need of a warehouse in the city, an old warehouse situated in a residential zone is very enticing. It was advised that old warehouses in such location should be dismantled or transformed into another business but it seems that the law is not being implemented.

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    Over here, it's only in the industrial areas that such rules are respected in my country because there are ministries in charge of ensuring that such laws are followed to the latter without any compromise. But sadly enough, there are some residential areas where some private business owners and even some companies have their warehouses located in such environment which is not ideal. They do run into troubles with the law enforcement agencies but corruption always ruins everything as they are still allowed to operate in such residential areas.