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Dealing with time consuming Damage Claims weeks later

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  • Dealing with time consuming Damage Claims weeks later

    The warehouse packages the materials correctly but they are damaged in transport by the carrier. The warehouse gets a damage claim weeks later and has to rummage through masses of documents to find the load and respond to the claim. This whole process is time consuming and majority of the time is not the warehouse's fault.

    Get a program where you can document your loads with a picture proving they were loaded undamaged. The program can then attach the picture to the loads reference#, BOL, etc...and when the claim comes in at a later date, it's super easy to find and the proof is all there.

    The program that offers this with other great capabilities is Dock Star.

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    When it comes to issues of damages I have to agree that the logistics company should have a proof of quality or integrity of the items before uploading. This is a big issue when the goods are delicate in nature and expensive because one item that is damaged will cost a big amount on the customer. However it is not right if the supplier will be charged for the damaged item which was of good quality before the transporting.


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      When you lack proof to back up your claims as a supplier that the product were in good shape or condition when they were loaded, then you would have to bear the burden of paying for damaged goods. So, it's in your best interest to cover all loopholes which are liable to get you hooked up with extra additional expenses when you could have easily avoided it with some proof of work.