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Huge warehouse is hard to manage

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    Originally posted by primary colours View Post
    Re: Huge warehouse is hard to manage

    In my time I've managed warehouses from 11,000 sq.ft to 1 million sq.ft - you get problems with both and neither is 'easier' to manage, it's just that the issues you face are different in nature. As my wife constantly reminds me, it's not the size that's important - it's how you handle it.
    Exactly. It's not the size of the company's warehouse that matters but how the products stocked in it are managed. When you fail to manage your product warehouse adequately, it's going to cause a lot hitches in your selling and delivery service as locating of items for loading would be a very serious task. But with proper management, maintenance, inventory and security, it's all going to make running the warehouse facility a smooth process.