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Effects of inclement weather

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  • Effects of inclement weather

    It is ironic that transport companies prefer an inclement weather for the roads become less dense. Like today when classes in schools are suspended, there is not much traffic on the main roads that becomes very convenient for the trucks. And even if there will be floods, the trucks can traverse the water as long as it doesnít reach the engine which is 3 feet high.

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    Such is a very suitable weather for truck drivers to move from one place to another without much difficulty as it makes the road to be less jam-packed. But the situation of the road in such weather can pose a problem especially when the road aren't properly maintained with lots of deep end pot holes. Just like some the roads we have here in Lagos Nigeria, they are so bad that trucks find it very difficult to move and some even fall in the process.


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      In our town which is a low-lying area, floods usually take over the main roads when the rains are heavy and prolonged. I donít know how the trucks would deliver in such kind of bad weather when even the traffic officers are not around. And if the trucks can traverse the floodwater how about the warehouse? More likely there will be no one to receive the delivery since the warehouse would be empty of workers.