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Female Truck Drivers?

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  • Female Truck Drivers?

    If you are the logistics manager for your firm, would consider hiring a female driver for the company? Women have proven recently that they could step into any field of profession and do it well but concerning heavy trucks, do you think that they are best suited for such job description?

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    I have yet to see a female truck driver here so I would say there may be a discrimination. For me, perhaps I would prefer a male driver for our trucks because there will be no new issues. Male drivers are respected on the road and I couldn't say the same for women drivers.


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      Exactly, some Islamic countries are even against their women driving cars not to even talk about getting to be a truck driver as well, it's definitely not going to be possible in such countries. Over here, I have seen quite a few mini van trucks driven by women but those big trucks like MACK TRUCKS are never made available for women to drive. The general belief is that they can't be able to handle the big pressures associated with driving such a big vehicle.