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Delivery during the wee hours

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  • Delivery during the wee hours

    A foreigner friend was surprised to know that most deliveries of imported products were done in the wee hours before dawn. That is to avoid the traffic so the unloading can even be done with the truck parked by the side of the road (which is not legal). Daytime deliveries encounter the problem of unloading when the warehouse has no sufficient space for the parking of the truck hence night time and early dawn deliveries are getting popular.

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    But normally, transportation and products delivery are best done in the night because it offers less traffic and obstruction by such time of the night. The only thing that worries truck drivers constantly using such hours is the case of security concerns because they could easily be attacked by armed robbers and the company might lose lots of money in the process of. Personally, I prefer night delivery and then the products would be stocked in the morning.