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Major challenges facing truck drivers in your locality

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  • Major challenges facing truck drivers in your locality

    Each business location is faced by different challenges depending on what's on ground in such area. The challenges truck drivers are facing in California is different from what truck drivers are experiencing in China or any other part of the world.

    Take for instance, in my location the use of old trucks seems to be a big challenge facing truck drivers and there is absolutely nothing they can do about because they are left to work with what the company provides. There are so many cases of trucks breakdown and even unwarranted accidents.

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    I think the number 1 challenge for truck drivers here is the quality of the trucks. Most of the accidents involving trucks are caused by mechanical and engine problems that can be avoided when the trucks are properly maintained. Perhaps truck drivers should have the initiative to ask the owners for the regular maintenance of their trucks.


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      I had just relocated to one of our major cities and one the challenges that is predominant in the city is traffic. It's not that there are not enough road for vehicles to make use of but because it's a city where most imported containers are cleared, there are lots of trucks and tankers. But as a result of most of these trucks and tankers being old and in bad shape, they keep breaking down here and there in the middle of the road, thereby having the entire road completely blocked.


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        The mention of accidents reminds me of the usual loss of brakes as the reason for the accident involving a truck. Now I am wondering why that alibi is accepted by investigators. Is there no way of determining if the truck really had lost its brakes hence the accident? My take on the issue is that driverís would commit a mistake and just pass the blame to the mechanical failure which is not true.