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Connecting with port personnel

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  • Connecting with port personnel

    This topic may not be applicable to other countries because of the strict compliance of the rules inside the port. But over here, it is wise for logistics companies to have a strong connection with the port officials particularly with the customs officers who can give your importation a go signal that will relieve you from further inspection of the cargo. Now it makes me think if the big companies have such connections then their importation can have illegal items that will pass the customs check. Am I making sense on this?

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    I think I know what you are saying. Itís not something illegal but just to be close with some officials who could help you at times when the imported cargo arrives late and that you need to have it released right away. The red tape in the customs area can hamper the efficiency of your operation and I agree that it is better to have good connections in the port for a quicker release of the cargo.