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Trucks should not be allowed to run for more than 20 hours

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  • Trucks should not be allowed to run for more than 20 hours

    I am not an expert in the auto industry but a friend said that a vehicle running for more than 20 hours non-stop may be susceptible to mechanical problems. The advice is to take a one hour of rest every 10 hours of running. But I know that truck drivers here take a smoking break every 5 hours of running which I think is a good idea not only for the vehicle but also for the truck driver. That will at least give the driver the opportunity to take a snack or a drink or maybe go to the bathroom.

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    I understand that some trucks have a long trip that requires more than 20 hours. Normally such trips have 2 drivers that alternate every now and then although I know that some drivers could drive for more than 20 hours straight. I guess there should be a regulation against driving for more than 8 hours without a respite because it does not only harm the driver but also the vehicle. A pit stop of 10 to 15 minutes will do for that purpose. But the question is how to implement such a regulation.