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Sticking to delivery schedule

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  • Sticking to delivery schedule

    I have noticed that one of the usual issues in the logistics industry is prompt delivery. Why canít the transport department be on time with the schedule of dispatch for their trucks? The normal reply would be the loading of the cargo which takes time because of the checker. Some companies prefer to count the stocks before loading and to count it again when loaded onto the truck. It is like a double work but the reason is the strict compliance for the accounting of the products. When the delivery reaches the destination and there is a mistake in the number of items then that is a red flag.

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    In our former home, I had the chance to chat with the owner of a big bakeshop. Since the product is highly perishable, their trucks should always be on time with the delivery otherwise they will be beaten by the competition. He admitted that the traffic and the scheming traffic officers have their way of delaying the delivery hence it is a standard operating procedure for the truck driver to offer some bakery products to the traffic officer just to avoid the delay of inspection.