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Drug use by truck drivers

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  • Drug use by truck drivers

    Yesterday in the news was the report about the surprise drug test of the local DEA for truck drivers. It was not clear where the test was taken but it looks like it was inside the port area. All those who would turn positive for the use of drugs will have their license confiscated and will be returned only after they finish the rehabilitation program. Isnít this scary to think that there are truck drivers (and bus drivers as well) who are driving on the road under the influence of drugs?

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    This is one issue that I donít really know why it is happening. To be frank, it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry are addicted to illegal drugs. I understand their reason that the type of cocaine being sold in the streets is giving them the stamina that they need in the performance of their job particularly the truck drivers who are willing to drive for longer hours like 24 hours continuously. I hope this practice is frowned upon by the logistics industry.