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Rest period of truck drivers on long haul

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  • Rest period of truck drivers on long haul

    It cannot be denied that drivers are humans too who feel hunger and fatigue. Especially for truck drivers of long haul trips, there should be a proper scheduling of the rest period. I was reminded of this when we went on a trip to the province this weekend where I saw some trucks parked by the curb with drivers obviously resting on a hammock that was hung under the truck. When I asked one driver, he said that they were required to rest for 4 hours before proceeding. That rest period is after driving for 8 hours. I think that is a nice standard operating procedure for the transport department.

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    I think there are regulations in some provinces that big truck drivers can only drive for a maximum of 8 hours. But the question is how to implement that regulation since there is no way to monitor the drivers unless you will stop the trucks and check on them. Maybe this issue is the responsibility of the truck owners. They have to do the disciplining themselves regarding the maximum driving hours of the truck drivers.


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      Big truck drivers do not care if they would be given a task for the long driving hours since most drivers are paid for overtime work which they like. To be fair with young drivers, they have the stamina to drive for more than 16 hours and I believe that. But then again, we are talking of a standard period so I guess the 8-hour maximum should be followed for the safety not only of the truck personnel but also of other vehicles on the road.