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Teenage truck drivers?

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  • Teenage truck drivers?

    Witnessed a disturbing scene yesterday when I was traveling home to meet my grandmother for the Easter holiday and it was a teenage truck driver who should be at least in his early 20's. I kept wondering why on earth would such a young individual be given such job of becoming a truck driver? I can very well understand that there is serious unemployment in the country but there are some risks that aren't worth taking. If it's just a van, it would be understandable but for a truck, it goes above my acceptance. I would have called in to report such but unfortunately the truck wasn't having anything to identify the company its transporting products for.

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    There were several cases of finding truck drivers who are underage. Worse, they are discovered only after an accident. It is just like driving without license and considered a crime depending on the damage caused by the accident. I guess that issue is up to the company particularly to the manager of the transport department. When there is an erring driver then the manager would be co-accused.


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      Currently, I'm working for an importer who imports gas cylinders and from my observation so with his containers drivers, most of them all appear to be within the age of 21-27 years old which in my eyes is a very young age. But obviously, most of them are very good at what they are doing, which beg the question why doubt if they are best suited for the job?


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        I wonder if there are teenage truck drivers here although I have to admit that when it comes to the road the situation is always anything goes. With big companies for sure truck drivers are of legal age. But I cannot say the same for small companies who would cut corners just to save on the budget for the salary of the truck driver. But if I were the small company’s manager I would always adhere to the legal ways and means to avoid problems in the future.


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          For the fact that these companies breaching rules aren't brought to book and made to suffer the consequences of their own actions, it gives them and others more impetus to keep doing what they want, when they want and how they want because they are well aware that there would always be a way out to maneuvers getting the punishment they deserve.