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Discipline with transport personnel

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  • Discipline with transport personnel

    It is the truck driver that is the center of attention when it comes to deliveries and I have to agree that the driver should be of good health in body and in mind. I have read of news reports on accidents where investigators found out about a driver who used drugs or intoxicated and sometimes the driver doesnít have good eyesight. Isnít it funny to know that a guy is driving a truck for several years without wearing the prescribed eyeglasses? Over here a driver should be wearing shoes and that is the law which is very common to be violated by truck drivers.

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    In the olden times, the biggest problem in the discipline of delivery personnel is the drinking of alcoholic beverage. That was the time when there was not much traffic on the road and some truck drivers would drink before driving. The caper would only be discovered when an accident happens. But now it is not the drinking anymore but the drugs that can give the driver stamina for the long trip. I guess the use of illegal drugs is much more difficult to ascertain than drinking alcohol.