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Dealing with road congestion during festive season

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  • Dealing with road congestion during festive season

    One thing that is very peculiar with all festive season is the immediate rush that follows everything. The market is congested with so many people flooding it to purchase one product or another. The same thing goes to the road as lots of vehicles are on route from one place to another, including trucks delivering products from point of production to point of sales. With other cars on the road during festive season, how do truckers manage to meet up their delivery schedule in your locality?

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    Would you believe that malls open at a later hour during the Christmas season? That is the request of the metro traffic agency to the mall owners to somehow ease the heavy traffic on the road. They admitted that the traffic becomes horrendous by the end of November and ends by the first week of January hence the adjusted operating hours of big malls particularly those located on the main roads.


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      The two major shopping malls here in my area are Shoprite and Roban Store. Both are always filled with customers on daily basis especially on weekends or festive season, you don't see road at all inside the malls. But Roban Store have the policy of never opening on Sundays, so it's basically a rush day for Shoprite since all Roban Stores customers are forced to shop at Shoprite. Any festivities that falls on Sundays, Roban Store is ruled out of business.


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        The traffic administrator of the cities would usually request malls and other businesses to open by 11 am so that the rush hour traffic will be lessened somehow during the holiday season. I donít think it is the right solution because the restriction is only affecting the commerce by hampering the customers. Maybe the city government should think of a long-term plan about the roads and traffic so that the holidays will not be an issue regarding the road congestion.


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          I chanced upon a talk show on tv which was discussing traffic in the urban areas here. One suggestion was to lift all the restrictions like the banning of a vehicle on the road once a week or the late opening of malls. What should be imposed is a ban on construction of big buildings that are higher than 4 stories. That got me thinking that when a building is constructed, it would need a lot of workers that usually come from the rural areas. And after the work is done those workers would stay in the city to look for more work. In other words, the construction of a new building is like a beacon for rural folks to come to the city. It makes sense.