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Safety measures on the road by a good driver

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  • Safety measures on the road by a good driver

    Aside from the spare tire and other necessities needed by delivery trucks when on the road, what is being overlooked is the health of the driver and the helper. When the driver is not feeling well, he should not drive especially for long distances because that can be a cause of accidents. In the analysis of accident reports in the highway, the police department came up with the statistics that the highest occurrence of accidents was due to the driverís fault and mostly he was sleepy or not feeling well.

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    Whenever I would ride a big vehicle like a truck or bus, I couldnít help but be observant on the driving style of the driver. Sometimes it is scary to think that I would die by an accident simply because the driver is not disciplined. But to be honest about the issue, it is not good to complain about the driving style because the driver may not take it in good stead. Maybe the best approach is to be diplomatic with the driver so he would slow down.