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Truck driver answering calls while driving

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  • Truck driver answering calls while driving

    The reason why some people would be well aware of the dangers their actions would pose to their safety and others but would still go ahead and expose themselves to such circumstances. It's a very obvious thing that answering calls while driving is against the traffic rules because it can cause serious problems but some drivers are still being caught in the act. But if it were a smaller vehicle, I would bath an eye but seeing a big truck driver use one hand to drive and the other to hold his cell phone while on call is a total disregard for traffic rules, one's life and others on the road.

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    Over here it is illegal to use the phone while in front of the steering wheel even when the vehicle is on a traffic stop. But we all know that implementation of that traffic law is impossible. However, it is all right for a truck driver to answer a phone call provided he pulls over to the side for safety purposes. Answering the call while the truck is moving is a certain violation and an invitation to accident.


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      Seriously, I get pissed off driving past a car and the driver is making use of his smartphone or even any other kind of phone to answer call with one hand on the steering wheel and one on the phone. The sight looks irritating and horrible because the driver have already sacrificed 50% control and focus to the phone. The use of wireless Bluetooth device earphone to answer the calls is better in my opinion because there is no loss of contact with the driver and the steering but most of these drivers fail to use such technologies.