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Small train system for cargo

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  • Small train system for cargo

    I was surprised to see the vast sugar cane plantation with its own railway system. The staff in the farm said that the sugar cane harvest is a big problem when it comes to transport so the original owner of the farm installed a railway system that spans kilometers long and wide. The harvest is loaded to the train and it is immediately transported to the processing area and then onto the warehouse that later on would be loaded to trucks for the refinery. I wonder if the sugar cane plantation can build a railway system of its own why couldn’t the government provide such a railway specifically for cargo trains?

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    I can't help to try and calculate the cost of construction of the railway system by an individual sugarcane farmer simply to help improve his level of productivity. It's actually a good thing and a good image created by an individual farmer to teach the government on what they need to focus their attention on when it comes promoting agriculture. The world would be dead if agriculture is taken out of context, so governments should put in more effort to promote the practice of agriculture.